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Management of all types of financial matters of Banaskantha district panchayat, Palanpur is made an accounts branch of district panchayat like treasure office of state.


All the branches of Banskantha district panchayt, development of construction/health/education, porches for public purpose, maintain G.P. Fund accounts of social welfare and all employees, withdrawal, pension cases, group insurance, advance, for purchase of vehicles, house building advance, food-grain advance, bills of pay and allowances, bills of payments of grant are sent to the accounts branch, they are checked as per financial rules, passed and are paid by cheques.


Entries of accounts of all types of transactions of the district panchayat are made in relevant registers, are systematically maintained, accounts are prepared there.They are compared and submitted with such accounts to the Development Commission Gujarat State, Gandhinagar at the and of month and year in the prescribed forms, when accounts are completed. Accounts of fluctuations in income/expenditure are checked. Then utilization certificates prepared by the respective branches are countersigned and returned to the conserved govt. departments through the respective branches.

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