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Branch Activities

Animal treatment
The organization of the district Panchayat carries out tasks like sending the sick animals to the animal hospitals, treating the disease ridden animals on visits or through private calls and by providing treatment for the various illnesses of the animals suffer. Also it provides information and guidance regarding different private projects.
Prevention of disease and vaccination
Diseases like gal sundho, kharva movasa, black quarter, sheep pox, rabies etc are found in a large proportion in this district. Disease prevention vaccines are given against these diseases through a rigorous vaccine campaign. Apart from this when there is situation of widespread of a certain disease or an epidemic, steps to control the same are taken by the said branch. Treatment is provided and the research work is carried out by sending the samples for examination to the laboratories. Steps are taken to find out concrete solution against the disease.
Immunization of stray livestock etc found in the village is carried out to restrict reproduction of animals with impurities.
Animal growth/ artificial egg donation
Total 18 kendras in the district to handle the task of artificial insemination to get high quality sperms of animals like ox and other such animals that give milk. The cow breeds like jersey, H.F. ox’s 50% sperm is given artificial egg donation to get more milk.
Sankalp Patra Project
Under the Sankalp Patra project animal reproduction increase camp and animal education growth camp is organized to train the animal breeders to enable them to be able to take care of their animals, to benefit from animal rearing projects. Also the animal treatment kendras try to uplift the economic condition of the animal breeders.

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