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The Banskantha district is connected with the North-Western interstate and with an international border. Most of the region is divided into hills, desert and Adivasi dominated area. The main occupation of this district is animal husbandry, which helps the poor of the region to get the maintenance allowance. In this district world famous Kankrej breed of cow, ox, as well as the buffalo from Mehsana region are the main animals. Goats, sheeps, camels and horses are also found in the district.


To control poverty and to uplift the socio economic condition of the people of this district,animal rearing proves to be an effective tool. In this way to protect the poor from the failure of agriculture during rain deficient years this scheme proves to be a boon to the people.


To add to this,a center has been established at Deodar for the development of horses of this district. This is a boon for the people who are associated with horse breeding in this district. Private horse rearing centers have been started at Banaskantha because of which the horse breeding occupation can be said to be progressing.

1 Geographical area 10400 sq km
2 Number of Taluka 12
3 Number of villages 1256
4 Normal rainfall 758 mm
5 Type of land Desert, hilly
6 Main animals Kankrej cow, Mehsana buffalo, sheep, goat, camel, horse, donkey

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